The Best Chilli You Have Ever Had

Okay the title is a pretty big claim but we have this every single week and the leftovers for lunches too. I use a slow cooker just for ease but this could be done on the hob too. I think a chilli is a perfect weeknight dinner, filled with goodness and super filling. I am not a massive fan of rice so we have crispy tortillas with ours but you can do whatever you want.


  1. 1 Can of Red Kidney Beans
  2. 1 Can of Black Beans
  3. 1 Can of Mixed Beans
  4. 2 Cans of Tinned Tomatoes (filled empty cans of water)
  5. 1 Vegetable Stock Cube
  6. 1 Red Onion
  7. 2 Garlic Cloves
  8. 2 Carrots
  9. 4 Medium Sweet Potatoes
  10. 400 grams of Chestnut Mushrooms
  11. Fresh Coriander
  12. 2 tsp Chilli Flakes
  13. 1-2 tsp of Marmite


  1. As I said I use a slow cooker for this but obviously just modify this recipe if you aren’t using a slow cooker.
  2. I begin with draining and rinsing the cans of beans, rinsing them can help reduce the sodium and also can prevent a windy stomach from the beans. Once drained and rinsed add them to the slow cooker along with the cans of tinned tomatoes. Once you have added the tomatoes fill the cans with water and add to the pot.
  3. Dice the onion and slice the garlic. You could lightly fry these in a pan before adding to the slow cooker or just chuck it in.
  4. Next cut your carrots into discs and then in quarters, you don’t want massive chunks. Then add to the pot.
  5. Cut up the sweet potato into whatever chunk sizes you want, we like them quite small but not too small they disintegrate in the slow cooking process. We also keep the skins on for extra nutrition but if you don’t like it peel them first. Add to the pot.
  6. Crumble in the stock cube, add the Marmite, and the Chilli Flakes.
  7. The final step before you turn the cooker on is to do the mushrooms. The way I do this is because my boyfriend doesn’t like big chunks of mushroom so a way for me to sneak them in is to make a blended mushroom mince. I blitz the mushrooms in a food processor and lightly fry in a pan to release all the water and then wait until the colour changes. I then add this to the slow cooker and it adds a kind of mince like texture.
  8. I then set the slow cooker for around 8 hours on low. This is just out of convenience, I do this all in the morning and let it all cook and for the smell to spread throughout the house all day. In the last hour I like to add chopped coriander.
  9. We prefer to have this with home made tortilla chips. I say homemade, I drizzle a little oil and some salt on cut up tortilla wraps and place in the oven until a little browner and crispier. These are a perfect little addition as you scoop up the chilli with them.

Let me know if you make this at home. Do you have a slow cooker? What is your favourite dish to cook in the slow cooker?