The Home Stretch

How are you getting through the third lockdown? It seems like we have been inside our homes for a life time and to be completely transparent I have been finding it hard just like everyone. There have definitely been ups and downs and I thought I would just note down some ideas to help you feel a little more positive.

I am writing this in London but obviously do follow the rules where you are. I am hoping we are on the Home Stretch with the vaccines getting given out and numbers going down. Boris’s road map out of lockdown has just come out (for future me looking back on this weird time) but I am not sure how optimistic I feel about it.

More then anything I want to be able to hang out with friends and cuddle my parents and family but I don’t want to get my hopes up. We have been promised things over the last year which haven’t happened. Christmas for one. The nation was told we would be able to mix households for the Christmas period. In the end most of the country only spent Christmas day together and those of us in London weren’t allowed to mix households at all. Hopefully, this plan works and we can actually have a Summer!

So getting on to my ways to stay positive. Now, lets be real sometimes doing these things do not work and all I need is a day on the sofa with some snacks, a constant flow of tea and feel good TV. However, sometimes there are things that can be done to climb out of that negative, dark and moody pit.

1. Talk To Someone

This might be hard for you right now depending on your situation. If you’re at home alone, reach out to friends and family online and arrange calls and Facetime to keep connected. If you have people in your home try and talk to them about how you feel or write it down if you can’t quite get it out. It might be something really trivial like “I miss going to the cinema”, ” I miss chatting with my friends over coffee” and that is okay to miss and to feel sad about. Although it could be a deeper feeling, “I feel empty”, “I don’t see the light at the end”, “I’m mentally exhausted”. These feelings are also okay too. Letting them out and getting it off your chest can help to just feel like lighter about it. It can also help you validate the feelings by your friends or family understanding or agreeing with you.

Reminder to arrange a call with your friends and family if you have been hiding away for a while.

2. Move It and Get Out

Let’s be real, I am not telling you to run a marathon or do a Joe Wicks class everyday (but you can if you want to). However, moving your body in any way at all is not going to do you any harm. In Lockdown 1 I did couch to 5k and finished it and also did Yoga with Adrienne every other day. Lockdown 2 I did some at home workouts but not as much as before. This Lockdown I have found it harder to keep a routine of movement but when I do it I do feel better. Joe Wicks videos are great for quick beginner workouts which do get me sweating and I feel good and happier. Me and Rob have moved house during this lockdown so during our lunch breaks we have been going on our walk to explore our new area. Just getting out the house to walk has been a fabulous way to take a step away from the laptop and breath in some fresh air and have the sun (or rain) on your face. Go and explore your area and just step away for a while. You might notice something new in a place you’ve lived for a long time.

3. Don’t Pressure Yourself

We need to give ourselves more credit. We are living in Global Pandemic with a questionable government. Do not put too much pressure on yourself if you don’t feel happy and productive. The world has gone to shit so it’s okay if some things in your life has. Like if you don’t want to clean your entire flat today then do it another day. If you don’t feel like being super productive, do your best and give yourself a break. I think we all need to give ourselves a little pack on the back and just take each day as it comes.

I hope you gained something from this or just found some comfort in knowing most people are struggling sometimes. If you have any top tips you want to share put them in the comments below so other people can see them.