What Have I Been Watching?

I did a poll on my Facebook page this week and people wanted chatty lifestyle posts so here we are. Since we’re in lockdown I’ve been taking advantage of this extra time by catching up on TV and Films. So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been watching and what I’d recommend.


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Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com


Who doesn’t have Netflix?  Recently I have been watching;

  • Tiger King
  • That 70’s Show
  • Ozark
  • Community
  • Middleditch and Schwartz 

So That 70’s show and Community are not new shows but we’ve just finished both of them and loved them. So lighthearted with wonderful characters who you will for sure fall in love with. I have developed a weird crush on Hyde from That 70’s Show. 

Tiger King, I think everyone has heard of this show. I was reluctant to watch it as I do not agree with the captivity of wild animals but once I started it this show is more about the insane people then the animals. Only 8 episodes so super quick to get through. 

Middleditch and Schwartz is a improvisation show based of audience suggestions. It is incredibly funny and very impressive. I wish there were more than three episodes but I am sure they will do more soon. 

Ozark is crime drama series about a man who has to move him family to the Ozarks and payback money to a Mexican drug cartel. The episodes are an hour long so it’s taking us a little while to get through it but we are really enjoying it.




Getting Disney+ has been such a lifesaver during lockdown. We have loved being able to easily watch all the Marvel films. My favourite is probably Iron Man 1 or Endgame. Rob has introduced me to Star Wars, no hate please I have just never thought to watch it. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan quite yet but I’m didn’t mind it. Possibly the best bit about Disney+ is that all my favourite childhood tv shows are on there like Hannah Montana and Zach and Cody


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Okay One Tree Hill, is an oldie but a goldie. I watched it all when I was a teenager but is such a good show and very nostalgic perfect for a lazy Sunday. It started in the early Noughties but is still very fitting to now. It starts with two half brothers who are living opposite lives in the same small town and develops  If you’re after something to start and get addicted to then I would definitely recommend this. 




Who isn’t watching Normal People? If you read my books blog post then you’ll know I loved the book and another book by the same author which is rumoured to also be made into a tv series. Normal People is a beautiful series, the way it is shot is stunning and is exactly how I imagined it would look in my head when I read it. I fell completely in love with the characters. There is nudity in it but I think it is done really tastefully so don’t let that put you off. 


Killing Eve has been a favourite of mine since it began and I was very excited when the released season 3 early for lockdown. I am loving this new season but if you haven’t watched any of them they’re all on BBC iPlayer. Killing Eve is the strangest programme, it’s based around a professional killer and an MI5 officer who have a very complicated and addictive personality. It is a drama but also has some very funny moments which you are not sure you should be laughing at.  


Let me know what you are watching in the comments. Or based on what I am watching if there is something else you think I will enjoy.