In Lockdown and in Love

Are you cohabiting during lockdown with your significant other? We live together normally but I read that some couples moved in together for the lockdown to avoid being apart! However, just because I normally live with my boyfriend doesn’t mean it’s been all fun and games, there have been harder moments.

This situation is unprecedented in so many ways. In this case, living in each other’s pockets for nearly a month isn’t what we’re used to, or what most people are used to. So I thought I would share some tips we have picked up on along the way.


1. Have your own time out


I don’t mean a naughty step! I mean your own time outside the house. So for me I am really enjoying running, this is half an hour where we’re not in the flat together. It means I can listen to a podcast and get some exercise and Rob can play some music or video games by himself. Also, going for a walk or even the supermarket trip might be a fun thing to do on your own. This also gives you something to talk about that isn’t something you both have seen. We live in a one-bedroom flat but sometimes I find just going into the other room to read or watch Youtube is some nice time alone.



2. Share responsibilities

Obviously, make this work for your situation but share out who is cooking, cleaning up and doing the shopping to avoid one person doing it or no one doing it. For me and Rob, I am not working from home so therefore have a little more flexibility with my day so some things I don’t mind doing because normally Rob would have been at work anyway. But a good share of chores is a good thing to keep from bickering. Taking turns cooking can lead to some new and yummy meals.

Below recipes;

    1. Vegetable Fried Rice
    2. Mac and Cheese
    3. Sweet Potato and Mexican Bean Salad
    4. Breakfast Ideas


3. Find time for one another


This might sound odd seen as though you are with them 24/7 but that time isn’t necessarily quality time together. So dedicate an evening to watch a film together with your phones or go on a walk together (if you’re allowed in your country).



4. Understand and Anticipate

Understand that this is going to be difficult in someways and almost be ready for the journey will make it easier. Be ready to listen to each other if you’re having concerns or anxieties. We have found now watching the news every day has helped the anxiety in the household for sure. This isn’t meant to feel like a honeymoon, so if it doesn’t then do not worry.



5. You’re in this together

Be grateful you have each other. Many people are on their own right now so feel grateful that you’re together. I have also found a comfort in writing down a gratitude list for myself to really understand how I am feeling and take a moment for my own thoughts. Be open with each other and try and help each other through it.


I hope this helps anyone or just something to read during your lockdown!