My Plastic Free July Pledge



Plastics impact on the environment is catastrophic. More than 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the oceans every year. This is absolutely heartbreaking and we need to do something about it. Governments and businesses around the world should be the ones to invoke major change however people have asked and they don’t seem to be responding with much urgency. So let’s show them in our lifestyle changes that we want to change now!




Plastic-free July is a movement where people all around the world pledge to make real steps towards a life plastic free. I have been conscious of my plastic and general waste in the last year or so but I know I can do more.


What my aims are for this month of plastic-free living;

1. Fruit and veg from Supermarkets

Any time I can I will buy loose fruit and veg. But sometimes, due to price and convenience, I go for the plastic wrapped options. I hope to find better places to buy loose fruit and vegetables.




2. Bin liners and cling film

I use these items because they are convenient and have always been present in my home. I want to research other options and methods for wrapping food.


3. Milk cartons

As I am vegan, my milk is often in plastic coated cartons. I want to find alternative brands which use different packaging and also maybe try and make my own oat milk.


4. Sanitary products

I want to switch to more sustainable period products. One sanitary pad contains the equivalent of 4 plastic bags. This isn’t good for the planet or our bodies. Any suggestions would be appreciated here.




5. Tea bags

I am a bit of a tea bag prude and love a good Yorkshire Tea. Even though they are in the process of changing the plastic in their bags I would like to find some that already exist.




I hope this inspires you to take part in Plastic Free July. Register here to receive advice and tips. I have a blog post with some knowledge and tips I have gained, click to read it here.


Let me know if you take part and how it goes πŸ™‚








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