5 Self – Care Tips

We are all always on the go


There is always something to do, and I think some people actually enjoy being so insanely busy. Living in London, it is easy to get swept up into this mindset of not being able to switch off. The streets are always busy, people are constantly pushing past you, cramming themselves onto the tube and ques everywhere, even at cafes for lunch.

Going into the city for University fills me with lots of passion but it can be quite overwhelming. It is important to check in and make sure I am all good.

So I like to make sure I am keeping a good check on my mental health and general self-care. I thought I would share what I have found works for me and my lifestyle.


1. Take a breather


This sounds simple right. However, it truly does help. This is great for two reasons, the first being when you are in a moment of stress or your emotions are out of control it can be a good way to take a step back and really calm yourself down. The second use of this step would be to add it into your daily or weekly routine to prevent outbursts or stress building up.


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Now in my ‘Take a breather’ moments I like to sit with a cup of tea reading a book. Another option could be to take a walk whilst listening to a podcast or some music. Check out my last blog post with some of my favourite podcasts. The music I am currently loving is the new Dodie album ‘Human’, it is super chill and perfect to just listen and reflect. If I fancy something a little more upbeat then the new Miley Cyrus album is so good!


2. Cook up a storm


I find cooking super relaxing if I am given the time and space to it. Obviously, if you have kids running around and you’re cooking a different meal for everyone in the family then that doesn’t particularly scream calm and self-care does it. However, if you have the space to take your time, flick through your favourite cookbook, browse Instagram recipes and leisurely cook with the radio on then this is truly relaxing. Making something from scratch, not thinking about your troubles but just concentrating on what you’re doing at that moment, it is almost a form of mindfulness.



A favourite to bake is a banana load which I have a cheeky little recipe you could check out here. I also love freestyling in the kitchen just putting loads of statement ingredients in and making a feast. As a vegan, I am happy with all the beans, houmous, pitta, falafels, spices and all the grains, chuck it on a plate and hey presto a delicious meal… oh and always add pesto.


3. Make some of them endorphins


Now, I wouldn’t say I am the most athletic person but I do love the feeling after going for a run or doing an at-home workout or yoga video. I use the ‘Couch to 5K’ app which helps me improve on my running and gives me time away from my normal environment and gets me some fresh air. Those endorphins racing around my body honestly do make a difference to my day and my week as a whole.




If I don’t fancy a run then I love using the Fiit app, you can get select workouts for free on the app and on YouTube or pay for more but they make me feel so good and energised. Chessie King never fails to brighten my day!


4. Have a lie in


There is nothing better than turning off your regular alarm and letting the snoozing commence. Having a nice lie in can make you feel so rejuvenated and fresh if you have the opportunity to do so then switch that alarm off and just wake up naturally. Getting enough sleep, in general, is so important to make sure you look at how much sleep you’re getting and the quality of it too. I read Matthew Walker’s book ‘Why we sleep’ (thoroughly recommend) last year and it changed how I think about sleep and how it is, in fact, one of the main pillars of health, (such a health wanker).


5. Call a friend


Sometimes it just takes speaking your mind to truly feel at ease. Dwelling too much on tiny problems can be so much easier to overcome when you say them out loud. So ring a friend or pop round to a friend and chat, have a vent. Getting things off your chest and realising how small they are can relieve stress instantly, and also it’s great seeing a friend and having a catch-up.


Another option is to get a pint in the sunshine with your boo 


I just think it is important to take care of yourself. So this weekend, take some time and chill the f*** out!