Five Tips to Avoid Being Unproductive



I am by no means productive 100% of the time. I get distracted by my phone and my stomach and anything else that I want to be doing more than what I actually have to. I often clean instead of doing work! However, since starting university in September I have definitely become much more productive. I know it is something that a lot of people struggle with but I thought sharing my tips and tricks that have worked for me would be a good starting point for you.


  1. Make a list – Don’t just put the task, think how long it will take, do you need anything specific to complete the task. Also, order your lists in terms of importance or deadline. Do what works for you and your schedule but I like to make one big list for the week for example and then split it day by day so I am more likely to achieve my daily tasks. Make them attainable!
  2. Find a workspace that works for you – If you’re at work and you’re stuck with that environment can you do anything to make it suit you more, like a little plant or headphones? If you work at home make sure it is somewhere you can actually concentrate. DO NOT WORK FROM YOUR BED, if you want to get shit done. It is far too comfy and your bed is for sleep and sex, your brain will get confused and your sleep will suffer!
  3. Take a break –  I think I picked this up when I did my GCSE’s, everyone kept saying to take regular breaks and don’t just cram. I think it is important to be consistent and get the work done however, sitting inside all day isn’t good for anyone. No matter the weather I have made it my mission to get out at least once during a day at home. I live near a beautiful park which I like to walk around whilst listening to a podcast or music, just to see something other than the four walls of my flat. I come back feeling more inspired and motivated to continue my day. Try it?
  4. Put it on silent – Referencing my intro here but I get so distracted by Instagram and Whatsapp that I have turned off my push notifications on most of my apps so unless I go looking for a distraction it won’t find me.
  5. Eat well and Drink lots –  I find that if I sit and eat junk and forget to drink enough my mind isn’t as switched understandably. So I would recommend getting in a hearty breakfast and lunch to help your brains activity. Carbs are the brains preferred energy source so don’t be afraid to go for it with the pasta on those super busy days.


I don’t want to inundate you with more stuff to think about so I will keep it at 5 tips.



People to check out

In addition to those that work for me here is where I get some of my productivity inspiration from;


Image result for adrienne herbert

The Power Hour Podcast – Adrienne Herbert

I love this podcast because it keeps me so motivated and inspired not just from the incredibly Adrienne but also the amazing guests she has on too.

I love a podcast to set me up for the day on the commute to Uni, on the walk around the park or on my speakers whilst washing up.




IMG_2037.JPGGet Your Sh*t Together – Sarah Knight (Click for  a little review of this book from 2017)

This very loved (somewhat tatty) book of mine really did give me a massive kick up the bum in terms of getting my life together!

She gives endless tips to be more productive and get stuff done.

Also, she takes no prisoners so if you need a bit of tough love then this book is for you. She has other books with similar themes which I haven’t read yet. Let me know if you have in the comments?



Image result for zanna van dijkZanna Van Dijk

If you need some real girl boss inspiration and you don’t already follow her then you should! She is a fitness blogger who travels the world all whilst owning her own business and she is an all-around girl boss who overcame bowel surgery!

What more motivation do you want. If she can do it so can I, is what I think.

@zannavandijk on Instagram