Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019


Here we are again eh?

This year has been an interesting one, I’ve changed career path, moved out of the house with my friends and moved in with my sister in London, I started University, I completed a course of CBT, I went to Spain and Germany, I went to two weddings, saw lots of shows, explored London with friends and so so so so so so much more.



Goodbye 2018

The biggest thing that has happened this year is my move to London. Last year I lived in Guildford, about 40 mins from London. This move obviously came with the joy that is living with my sister. To some, this might sound like a nightmare but me and Lucy have always been close so this made perfect sense when we both needed a change. We have such a nice little flat that we are finally making homely and making lots of memories too.




Moving to London came with some changes obviously. You have to get transport everywhere!! I was born in Cheshire and if has ever been then you’ll know that the transport situation is shite so it was a little shocking. Obviously, within central, you can walk because a lot of things are close enough to do so, but I live further out so I need to get trains, tubes or buses everywhere but it is something I am getting used to.


Being so close to Theatreland means this year I have seen Dream Girls, Kinky Boots (saw it twice oops), Matilda and Hamilton. Even though I have decided not to be apart of the theatre world directly it is nice to go and watch some incredible performances on my doorstep.



London is famously an expensive city to live in and I’m not going to lie it is. But I think I have worked out a pretty good system. This first term has been pretty expensive in terms of birthdays, holidays and Christmas but I think I have collected some tips to share on saving some pennies if anyone would find that interesting then let me know in the comments 🙂

I have loved exploring London with my friends and Rob is obviously the best tour guide.



I am also currently compiling a London Tour Guide which will hopefully be up in the new year!

Hello 2019


I am actually very excited about this coming year. I don’t want to sound like a walking cliche but I have some goals in mind which I really want to accomplish.

  1. I want to get better with money. I have every app under the sun to help track and save money but I really want to as I want to be able to save money for a rainy day and not need to depend on others.
  2. Charity and volunteering is something I would like to do more of next year. I don’t have any specific thoughts on what or where but I want to give back because I do realise how fortunate I am. Homelessness is a real issue in the UK right now and in London, I see it every day and would love to do more to help.
  3. I want to go to more places, even if they are new places in the UK. I have never been to Paris so would love to visit this year at some point.
  4. I want to develop my language skills. In my second year of Uni, I can do a language module which I think could be so beneficial so I have downloaded Duolingo and aim to pick up some old skills from school so I am ready for the module next year
  5. I want to continue my journey in sustainability and vegetarian to plant-based. I hope to be doing Veganuary this January and hope to include it throughout my year 🙂
  6. Myself and Robert also plan to move in together later on in the year and I can’t wait to do that and be such a little hostess and make a house a home
  7. Make more content! I know that I always feel better after going out to take photos or write something I am passionate about.
  8. I also want to become more active, Uni has left me with a sedimentary lifestyle which is taking its toll so I aim to move more and eat better.


So that’s my year over and out! I am currently at home with my parents and boyfriend waiting to see the New Year in and then off to bed 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone