Turning 21!

Being an adult is to be fully grown and developed. Or I guess to be over 18, depends on how you think.

Do I feel like an adult?


Today I turn 21. As you’re reading this I am on my way to Spain on holiday with my boyfriend. Turning 21 is a big deal I think. In England, it doesn’t really mean you can do anything more than before. However, it can be the start of the new chapter.

I don’t feel like an adult 100% of the time. Like I pay rent and I cook my own food but then sometimes I sit and watch TV for too long and need someone to tell me to get my arse in the shower.

I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on my 21 years of life and look forward to my future and my hopes and wishes for it.

What am I proud of?

This sounds lame but even in the short 21 years of my life, I am proud of certain things in my life. I am proud of being able to sing on a stage in front of my school when I was 9 years old. I am proud that I travelled up and down the country to audition for Drama school and was successful on the Foundation Course at GSA. I’m proud that I moved away from everything I knew, left my parents and friends and home comforts to challenge myself in a new surrounding and new pressures. I then chose to stay 200 miles away from home, in order to be independent, earn my own money, do things in the big city! But I am also proud to still have a wonderful relationship with my family no matter the difference.

I am very proud that I went with my gut and decided that acting wasn’t what I wanted to do right now. I could have stuck with it because it was what everyone assumed I would do but I followed a different path and that is okay. 🙂

One of my biggest accomplishments has been to make a start on my anxiety arse kicking. I found a CBT programme to start working on my anxiety problems. That first step to begin working on yourself is a hard one and I am proud of myself for taking that leap.

Favourite Memories

I’ve been very lucky to have such a good childhood. I went on fabulous camping holidays with my family all around the country. I loved camping and it would be such a magical thing to do, so much role-playing. We camped in a tent for a while but we must have gone up in the world slightly and my parents bought a caravan which brought along many more adventures.

One of my first memories is my first day of school. I remember it so well actually, I went straight in and sat down on the floor in front of my teacher Miss Willerton, with crossed arms and legs with my finger on my lips. I think my sister must have told me that is what you do but I wanted to make such a good impression so bad!

The main holiday I went on as a child, also my first trip abroad was to Canada. It was an amazing holiday packed full of once in a lifetime activities. We saw Bears, stroked Elk round a campfire, walked on a Glacier, went white water rafting, went Whale watching and did it all travelling with my family in an RV for 3 weeks! Incredible.

Several school trips I went on are some of my favourite memories, I went on two ski trips to Austria and even though I ended up in the hospital twice they were so much fun! I also went to Disneyland and Germany on an exchange!

I went on a girly holiday to Croatia which was nice, what an amazing country, I did a blog post about it actually so check it out if you like. Also, so many memories come to mind, chilling with friends, watching films, singing to musicals and eating loads of sweets.

Recent memories include moving to GSA and intern meeting and living with Mariana, someone who I would say has had such a positive impact on my life 🙂

Someone else who I met because I moved to Guildford was my now Boyfriend, Rob. He has basically changed my life for the better, and I can’t really see my life without him in it. Not to get mushy but you know, I love him a squillion.

What do I see in my future?

Obviously, I am no psychic but these are things that I wish for in the next year and further. I start Uni in a week and I am so excited and nervous. However, the main emotion is excitement due to me finally starting a path to a potential career. This is all new to me which does fill me with apprehension but my own personal task is to turn those butterflies into a positivity and determination.

In regards to me and my personal development, I want to continue moving forward in my anxiety journey. Right now that is a solo mission with the help from friends and family. However if at some point I feel the need for more specialised help again then I am not afraid to do so. I think making a routine balancing Uni, a possible job and my social life will help my mental health for sure. Alongside this, I want to continue with a healthy lifestyle, exercise more and eater cleaner is the key I think.

I also hope to create new memories with the people I love and even with some new people I meet along the way. I hope to see some beautiful places in this country and abroad.

I’m not going to apologise for the cheesy post, some may say “You’re only turning 21, what’s the big deal” But for me, it is a nice milestone that I have reached the end of a part of my life and the beginning of a new exciting one.

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