Moving House #2

I am moving house again!





I am so excited for this move, ready to start the next chapter and all the new exciting things that are gonna come.

I thought I would write a little post about any tips I have collected over the last couple of weeks. If you have any good tips for moving house then write them in the comments so everyone can see them and this can be a little space for advice 🙂


Make a list


I find this helps with any task tbh but especially for something like moving. I had three rooms to pack and clean. I am renting therefore I needed to make sure the house looks pretty much the same as how I first got it. My method was to go room by room and that way I could make list for each room, e.g;

  • remove any rubbish
  • pack belongs
  • polish
  • hoover
  • deep clean (doors, skirting boards, bathrooms, etc)

This is obviously just an example. Thing I love  about lists is that when you tick it off it is like a little reward to yourself! Just like the scene in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, “Check”. If you know you know.




Do it cheap


Moving house can get expensive. Here are a few tips too try and not break the bank whilst relocating.

I would say boxes are the way to go, if you go on amazon they will try and charge you £20 for some cardboard boxes. What I recommend doing is going to a supermarket, I suggest going to a bigger store rather then the little ones because the little ones crush the cardboard pretty quickly. Coop tend to have quite a few so maybe try there. This can save you quite a bit of money. Also because they tend to have some smaller boxes you can put all the random things in a pretty specific box rather then lots of different things in one big one. This can make moving into the new place a lot easier.




If you can move your own stuff to the new place it can save you lots of money on using a company/renting a van. Ask a friend who has a van and pay them back in beer 😉 Whatever you can do, cause it all adds up to be pretty expensive.

Collect newspapers for packaging, even take a handful when you get off the train, there are always loads of metros just chilling on the train, take them why not!


Good deed


When clearing out your stuff, be ruthless! Think, is it worth packing, moving and unpacking. If the answer is no then get rid. Obviously if it is in good condition then you could take it a charity shop or shelter. (a good deed to yourself could be selling some things you no longer need)

Any food that you end up not using or is a waste of space then you can take this to a food bank, you can google where your nearest one is or some supermarkets have places you can drop stuff off.




Make sure you give yourself plenty of time. This may seem obvious but even though it may seem annoying to be packing whilst still living there but it can save you so much stress packing. I would suggest packing the clothes you won’t need for that time of year, such as right now as it is summer, I packed all my winter clothing first. These can take up quite a lot of room so you’ll feel like you have made excellent progress.

Set yourself little time goals alongside your list of things to do, this will help you keep to a schedule and you won’t end up behind.

Also give yourself time to relax. This is an exciting process, don’t make it stressful, take some time to breathe. Maybe you could take some time to have a dance break to the Mamma Mia Here we go again soundtrack!




Number one tip


A compulsory take away on the last night in your ‘old’ house. You haven’t got anything left in the cupboards so if there is more than just yourself, gather the family and order a take away and prepare for the moving day!





My situation


So I have moved out of my house completely and I am staying with my boyfriend until Tuesday when my new flat becomes mine! So right now I am just waiting until the big day. This is sort of it for now, but would you guys be interested in a moving in blog post? I can let you know what works and what doesn’t. Also if you have any tips, leave them below!!


Follow my antics over on my Instagram Story which I will keep updated on Tuesday with all the moving business.  @katyelizabeth__f



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