Royal Wedding Celebrations

So unless you have been living under a rock then you will know there was a Royal Wedding last weekend! Prince Harry and Megan Markle got married!

The day was absolutely beautiful and me and my family celebrated in style and went all out for the occasion. I thought I could show you guys what we got up to for inspiration, not just for a royal wedding but for a sunny afternoon activity.

The Wedding

Obviously, we all sat around and watched the ceremony on TV, during the service we drank tea (what else would be more British?) and wept. If you watched it too, let me know when you cried because as soon as he lifted her veil I was gone!

When the wedding was coming to a close my dad popped the prosseco and everyone had a glass with a strawberry to toast the Bride and Groom! Check out my May highlights on Instagram for some cheeky boomerangs of the day.

I thought the wedding was beautiful and such a fun and positive day, a lovely and refreshing change for the royal family. Very excited about what they will get up to as a new married couple. And just think how beautiful the children will be!



Afternoon Tea

We put out quite a lovely spread if I do say so myself.

An array of sandwiches; Cheese and pickle, cream cheese and cucumber, tuna and cucumber, ham and cheese, salmon and cream cheese and an egg sandwich. Obviously, we were catering for lots of dietary needs, something for everyone though.







Now for the scones, we had clotted cream and jam ready on fruited scones. very traditional as part of an Afternoon Tea. Tell me, do you put cream or jam first? It was the big topic of discussion!

If we had more time on our hands we may have made some cakes and such but instead went for the cheaper and easier option of popping to Aldi and buying lots of delicious treats. We got; lemon slices, fondant fancies, vienesse whirls, custard tarts, frangipanis, almond cake and also some chopped strawberries. A selection of crisps was available too for snacking on whilst we chatted the afternoon away with our glasses of prosseco.




Things like this can super cheap and easy to do but very fun and enjoyable for all. It doesn’t have to be perfect, we were using Christmas serviettes!  You don’t necessarily need the occasion of a Royal wedding to do something like this. It could be for a birthday celebration or anniversary. Or stuff it and just do it because who doesn’t love Prosseco and Cake eh?


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