Harry Potter Weekend Away

Who loves Harry Potter?

I mean if you don’t then this post may be pretty boring!

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For Christmas, I bought Robert and I tickets to go to the Warner Bros studio in Watford for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. They are so fully booked that this was the first weekend we could get… May! Rob has been so patient waiting for his Christmas Present! (lol, that sounds like he is a child, he isn’t, he is a fully grown man)

We decided to make a weekend out of it as we haven’t had much time off work for a while just the two of us.

Our Journey


We got the train from Euston super early on Saturday morning so we could get there for 9am! Obviously grabbed a coffee from Starbucks before we set off. We had been at a birthday party the night before, so with roughly 4 hours sleep, we made our way to the studios. As you can see Rob was a bit of a grumpy bunny that morning but after a chicken and bacon sandwich and a coffee he perked up, haha! When we got off the train we stepped onto ‘The Knight Bus’ and made our way to the studios. From the very moment we arrived, we were greeted by the most wonderful staff.

The Day

It didn’t disappoint that’s for sure! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t been but will just say some of my favourite parts.

The Train! This is a new section to the studios, you get to walk in the Hogwarts Express, seeing each carriage dressed as the different stages of the film.


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The Forbidden Forest was incredible also, so lifelike and exactly what it looked like on screen. Rob was a little scared of the huge spiders suspending from the ceiling and jumping out but we got through it! Also, we got to speak to a member of staff about BuckBeak. And how each feather was inserted individually by a group of Featherologists, I was reassured that that is a thing.

There are far more interactive activities than the last time I went, 4 years ago. Rob and I loved the train section. You got to sit in a carriage of the Hogwarts express, with the window as a green screen. We were then given directors instructions by a speaker to react in different ways to the scenes out the window. This was a right laugh and we got some incredibly funny photos out of it!


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The staff were so friendly, we found a few to have some great chats with! Not sure if that’s just the staff in general or we just attract chatty people, who knows? We learnt lots of interesting facts about the studios and the films.

The gift shop is obviously full of merchandise and books and sweets! Very expensive but very exciting also. We are on a bit of a budget so we didn’t buy anything this time (I do have Ginny’s wand at home though).


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The B&B

So we stayed in a bed and breakfast I found online which wasn’t too far away from the studios. When we’d finish in the studios after 5 and a half hours, we made our way in a taxi to the B&B.

The room was lovely, felt like we were hidden in the attic we were so high up, stairs were a killer, but felt very peaceful and special. It only had 13 rooms with the rest being a pub. Our room was clean and beautifully decorated. With a big squishy king sized bed, we fell straight to sleep for a little snooze, after our long morning!

Afterwards, we felt refreshed and scoped out the little town we were in, Radlett. We bought some snacks and spotted a Pizza Express, which we decided we’d go to for dinner in the evening. We love going to Pizza Express so it wasn’t a tricky decision! We got dressed up and went out for dinner. The pizza was delicious and we had such a nice time, very tired we headed back to the B&B for a drink in the pub before bed.

After an amazing nights sleep and an amazing shower we got up for breakfast which was nice, we both had full English breakfasts, mine being a vegetarian one, of course.




And that was our mini break away! I had such a nice time and I hope Rob enjoyed it too. I think he did as he wants to go back again 🙂


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