Eco Friendly Living Tips

We only have one Planet so let’s take care of it.

In the recent months, I have really developed a huge interest in the planet we live on. Obviously, I cared about it before but had never really sat and thought about our impact on it.



We can all do something…

It can be so easy to help our environment which is why it is so upsetting to see people abusing it. Our oceans are full of plastic, killing the animals that live there and on the shores and in the sky. To reduce this, we should all stop buying and using plastic products. The worst culprits are;

  • Plastic Straws – these can be replaced with metal or bamboo or just don’t use a straw
  • Take-a-way coffee cups – there are so many reusable coffee cups on the market now, plus the incentive of getting money off your drink in some coffee shops
  • Plastic bags – even with a 5p charge many people still use these bags. If you do use them, reuse them, then when broken return to the store who can recycle it for you. A better option is to buy a tote bag or some other shopper instead.
  • Cotton ear buds – Use the ones with cardboard sticks instead of the plastic ones
  • Plastic bottles – Buy your own reusable water bottle and fill it up from the tap! It’s cheaper and better for the environment, win-win you might say.


I could go on…

Use this link below to find out your ‘Plastic Footprint’ (you will be shocked)


It is your choice…

Going Vegan or Vegetarian is a big lifestyle change obviously. It also isn’t everyone’s idea of a good thing. To me, turning Vegetarian at aged 8 I knew it was the right thing to do. Even when I couldn’t eat the sweets at my friends birthday parties I stood my ground. I knew it was wrong to eat animals even at that young age.

Now I am not preaching because I do hate a preachy Vegan. But I am just telling you the facts!

Charting the greenhouse effect from different diets. Compiled by the World Preservation Foundation using Food Watch statistics. Click on link to see their complete presentation.


I am currently eating a vegan diet and have done for over two years now after being a vegetarian since I was 8 years old.

Mass farming using so much water and energy that isn’t necessary. It also gives off a lot of gas which again isn’t necessary. The destruction of the environment in order to provide space for the number of animals needed to fulfil this moderns worlds need for meat is catastrophic. Villages and communities are pushed out of rural areas across the globe. Wild animals are pushed out of their homes to make way for palm fruit farming. The land is taken up with crops that need to be grown for cattle and other livestock food.

Often people ask me, ‘Well where would all the animals go if we stopped eating them?’ As a logical informed thinker, this is a stupid question. We wouldn’t be mass producing meat so, therefore, there would be no need for such intensive farming, no need for artificial insemination. There wouldn’t be the number of cows in this world as we have now if we all stopped eating beef. Obviously.

Just something to think about. I don’t want to preach.


Day to day tips

  • Cut down on the energy in your home, it’s cheaper and nicer to the planet
  • Wash clothes in a cold wash when possible
  • No one needs a 40-minute shower, in and out and start your day
  • Walk don’t drive. If you can. If you have to drive, ask others at work and start a carpool deal
  • Turn off the light when you don’t need it
  • Get the right light bulb
  • Prepare food rather than buying a pasta pot with a plastic fork 


    Spread the message and push for change!


This post is just touching the service. If you have tips or thoughts let me know in the comments below 🙂

Resources you can use;


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