Weekend Plans with Friends

Weekends. We wait for them. We count down to them. Sometimes we fill them with fun and adventure. Sometimes we waste them.

Weekends should be used to relax, see friends and have a good ol’ time. For a while, I wasn’t utilising this free time enough. I had gone to such an effort to find a job that meant I could have the weekends off which is difficult in retail. Now I have Saturday and Sunday to literally do whatever I want.

*So to give some background info. I live in Guildford where I work, and my boyfriend lives in Tooting, London and my Sister lives in Uxbridge and my family live in Cheshire.*

Cosy Day

I love a good duvet day. A day of chilling with some cheeky food and some Netflix is always a good one. Me and Rob have been obsessed with Hell’s Kitchen lately so our duvet day would probably involve us binge-watching a whole season! Or maybe a film or documentary depending on our mood. For food, we would usually grab some food from the shop as like a picnic style lunch where we can just snack on what we want. Turn on the fairy lights and light the candles. ENJOY & RELAX.


Theatre/Cinema Date

Me and Rob met doing an acting course so we love to go to the theatre together. A cute theatre day would be us buying some last minute tickets or entering ticket lotteries for a West End show and making our way there. Maybe grabbing a Pret on the way or whatever works at the time. We love seeing shows together because then we get obsessed with them and our car journeys entail full demonstrations of the whole album!!! The same goes for the cinema, we see whats on and go and watch something. I’d say Rob is quite the film buff so I am trying to catch up in terms of my ‘films watched’ repertoire.  Having a cute date like this is so nice because you’re getting out the house and doing something that you can chat/obsess/hate together as a couple or a group of friends! This can get expensive so it isn’t something we do every weekend.

Brunch or Lunch or Dinner


Who doesn’t love going out for food where you don’t have to cook and you don’t have to wash up! I sure do! I love going out for lunch and dinner with friends. It’s a good way to catch up if you haven’t seen them in a while or just a different scenery from your own home. Nando’s offers a wide range of options allergy and diet wise. I can easily eat as a veggie/vegan and my boyfriend is happy with the enormous amount of chicken he can eat. Brunch is always a good shout too. Rob and I  meet my sister and her boyfriend for brunch, recently we went to Balhans in Soho, London. I would 1000% recommend this place! It was so good and amazing atmosphere. Little expensive so if you’re on a bit of a budget a Wheatherspoons Breakfast is just as cheerful and loads cheaper!



Country walk anyone?

I love going for walks. Now some people might have internally laughed at that but honestly, a good walk to clear out the cobwebs built up over a stressful week is what the doctor ordered. This can be a riverside walk or a more hilly country walk, either is fabulous and normally ends with a pub stop for food or a well-deserved beverage. A cheaper option is to take a picnic and pray for nice weather to sit and eat your sandwichs in. If you don’t live near the countryside you can always find a bit of green in the city somewhere! Breath in the fresh tree air. Rob lives in Tooting so we sometimes walk around, Wandsworth Common or Richmond park to get that country feel in the city.





Weekends have become really important to me lately. That might sound really weird but it is my time to feel 20 years old. I don’t think about work, I don’t think about money or rent or things like that. I just have fun and do what I want to do! Obviously, not everyone can do these things above but they are great ways to spend your days, well I think so anyway. Let me know what you do on your weekends in the comments below…