Bouncing back after an illness

So it’s been a while since I have properly posted. And I’ll tell you for why. Flu. Freaking flu! It properly got me for a solid 4 weeks and I am still not 100%, to be honest.

Being ill is not only draining on your body but also on your mind and this past month I have been on such a rollercoaster. However, I had some incredible people looking after, my boyfriend, in particular. He made sure I was drinking lots and showering the germs away, taking me to the doctors and picking up medicine and food for me. Such a good egg!

The Illness

In the first week, I just tried to rest and ride it out. The second week I got tonsillitis as well as the flu! It was like the universe really wanted to fuck me over and didn’t think the flu was enough. I was then put on antibiotics and was told I’ll feel better in a few days. This was not the case!!! That second week I moved in with my boyfriends mum so she could keep an eye on me and also so I didn’t make anyone in my own house ill. My mum wanted to come and get me and take me home for her to care for me but Rob had booked Hamilton tickets for Valentines Day as a surprise so she couldn’t, bless her. That second week I was very emotional and kept crying and lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I must have looked horrendous but my boyfriend was still there for me, he slept on the floor but he was still there, lol. My parents came to see me and my sister at the end of that week and took me out for food and fuelled me up even though I didn’t want to but I actually felt better for them doing it. I returned home feeling a little better and in a more positive mental space to fight this flu and kick it out of my system and get back to normal life.


Getting back the energy after being ill can be really hard and most importantly the motivation to do anything. Short walks really helped me get back some energy, sitting stationary inside can be quite harmful when recovering from illness so the fresh air is always a good shout. Nutrients and vitamins are key! Loading the body with the correct things to fight infection is so important. I am still taking Metatone Tonic with food every day, this helps build up the immune system. I am also taking a vegan multivitamin tablet and vegetarian Omega 3,6,9. I haven’t ever really taken supplements like this but because of my lack of appetite, I wanted to make sure I was getting the goodness. Getting greens in whenever possible was a big focus for me! Having a curry? Put spinach in it! Having a chilli? Put spinach and peas in it! Put it in everything! Fruit, Vegetables and a shit tonne of water to flush out those germs!!!!

My Mind

Sitting in bed or on a sofa for most of the day and not seeing many people can be hard on the mind. I did find it difficult and felt quite isolated which made me feel rather down and glum. Looking back now, it was definitely the flu that was driving me into that place of darkness because now that I am feeling better I don’t feel like that so much anymore. Talking to people and getting out is so important even when you’re poorly and don’t feel up to it. I definitely struggled to do this as I would say I am a bit of a loner on a normal day so pushing myself to socialise and be more out there was hard. Also, a good life lesson and habit for me to get into anyway, without the flu.

At drama school, I learned so much about listening to your body and knowing what your body needs that I feel prepared when things like this happen to my body. I know when to stop and when to start again. I knew I couldn’t go to work anymore and also I knew when it was time to go back to work. Listening to your body is key to recovery. Some of you may be reading this and think I am being dramatic and it was only the flu but everything is different for the person it is affecting, some people might have been able to soldier on but the flu really attacked my body and made that impossible. Know you’re body and don’t make people think you have to work yourself into the ground just cause.

I hope some of this helps someone if you’re ill right now or maybe you’re going through something worse and this helps in some way. Or you liked it cause you’re just a tad nosey and like to know what other people are doing. Don’t worry that’s me too, that’s why I read blogs and watch vlogs!

Hopefully, I am on my way back to full fitness and my body and mind will be back to 100% soon enough and I can’t wait to get fully back into blogging.

I am still using Instagram and have been whilst ill so go follow me over there to keep updated! Also if you are reading this in bed surrounded by tissues then get your loved one to make ‘my feel-good soup‘ and enjoy 🙂

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