Veganuary Catch- up

So its the 21st of January, we are well into the month of Veganuary.

If you haven’t already read my previous blog post about taking part in Veganuary and what Veganuary is, then take a read here…

So Veganuary. It’s going ok. I am not going to paint a perfect picture because there have been difficult moments but overall I have found the experience so interesting and it has definitely opened my eyes to the future of my diet and food choices.

I have really enjoyed venturing out to find different recipes that are vegan to have throughout the week. Most of the food I was eating before was plant-based but finding new things is always good. What I have loved about the signing up process to the Veganuary is the emails every single with different information. Sometimes it is food inspirations, facts about a vegan diet or recommendations. I really like reading it on my way to work, it has become a little routine in the morning. Knowledge is power and I think the more you know about something the more you know if it works for you, if its the right thing for the planet and your life.

The main thing I have missed, so to speak has been chocolate and that has only been the past couple of days, that time of the month girlies and it’s all I have wanted. I had loads of chocolate for Christmas which I haven’t eaten and have given some to my friends! I have found some alternative foods to quench my chocolate/sweet tooth. I have been loving, dessert bowls including, Alpro yoghurt, choc shot, granola, dates, fruit of any kind. Not necessarily all of these things together but they are definitely helping the sweet tooth issue.

The post was meant to go up like a week ago but I just got uninspired and didn’t know what I was writing but here you are.

I have fallen in love with Vegan pesto! It’s so good and makes such a quick easy dinner or tea meal. I have loved eating out just as much, Zizzi’s, Wagamama and Nandos. There are so many options that I didn’t even realise were available which has made going out so much easier.

Sorry for the short post but will hopefully be back to my normal schedule this coming week.

What are your plans for the week? xx

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