Sunday Trek

It’s Sunday, the day of rest so people say but that doesn’t always mean sitting in bed, eating junk food and watching Netflix. *Not that doing that is a bad thing cause I am all about that too.

However this morning me and my sister woke up, ate breakfast and headed out for a morning winter walk. I live in Guildford and if you know Guildford at all then you’ll know the Surrey Hills are all around Guildford. They have such stunning views and also there is such a range of walks depending on difficulty and distance. So we started our trek and even though the weather wasn’t particularly nice we enjoyed it all the same.

We had such a little gossip and catch up that we barely noticed how long we’d been walking. As we walked up the last little bit of the hill, I told Lucy not to turn around until the very top so the view would be better and it was. You can see the whole of Guildford and on a clear day (not today) you can see the very edges of London.




We sat for a moment on the top of the hill and just took it in. I love the countryside, I feel calm and collected. Being above all the hustle and bustle of the town made me feel so relaxed like I can take a step away from it all just for a moment. We carried on the walk and took some photos obviously! We looked a little silly to the farmers and dog walkers but who cares! It was so nice to have people say good morning, this might sound odd but living in London and walking around having no one look you in the eye let alone smile and say a phrase of greeting sucks!

On the way back we got a bit lost, but instead of getting out phones out and using maps we decided to just wing it and find a way back without technology!



Check out my Instagram Story (if it’s still up) of the view on video.


I did 12,000 steps before 12pm! How amazing is that, for a Sunday where I spend most of the time pottering around my house, cleaning and tidying and sitting.

I want to do this more, getting out and walking on a Sunday, taking a deep breath and just putting the phone away and chatting or not. Definitely, something I need to do again.

It was also a hardcore booty workout! Those hills really hit my quads and glutes which was a nice surprise for them!

What do you like to do on a Sunday, rest or something exciting? Let me know in the comments.