Nutty Banana Overnight Oats

We have all had those mornings where we snooze the alarm until we panic, jump out of bed and run out the door without any breakfast and instantly regret it when we’re at work or school because you’re starving!


Overnight Oats are such an easy way to save time and prevent any hungry mornings. You can make it the night before, you can take it on your journey with you to save more time and there is zero prep time in the morning. Also, oats are super filling so will keep you full until lunchtime.

Porridge oats are an excellent source of fibre, good for you gut health. They are high in the soluble fibre beta-glucan which can lower cholesterol, reduce blood sugar levels and increases the feeling of fullness. Magic!

I used plain rolled oats which don’t have any added sugar like some branded ones do.


My method is super easy and quick. I do about 45g of porridge which is enough to fill me up but not too much or too little. Mix the oats with soya-based yoghurt and a little bit of milk, almond or coconut. Mix together in a bowl, add some chia seed if you fancy for extra fibre!! Put one layer in a mason jar or any pot, the mason jar just makes it look nice on the blog. *the stretches us bloggers go through haha!




On top of the first layer of porridge pop some chopped bananas and a selection of nuts, raisins and cinnamon. Then keep layering until you run out. I cover with a bit of cling film or a lid and pop in the fridge. Simple! Get out the fridge in the morning and enjoy a fruit and nut porridge delight.



Hope this inspires any of you to switch up your breakfast routine. Let me know different toppings and ingredients you guys use on your oats overnight or normal.