Treating them January Blues

December was filled with so much festiveness and happiness, food, wine and gin, family time and all things Christmassy. New Year was a brilliant evening, a way to really kick off the start of the year with your favourite people.




Then hits January.

Frankly its shit in comparison. I mean in terms of my goals and resolutions I love January because it can really kick off the year in a positive way. However, some people find it hard to get through January. I thought I could give some tips and tricks to getting through the first month of the year!


Setting goals

Having something to really strive towards in the first month of the year can really help you push through and also achieve things too! I have already written a post on my new years’ resolutions which could give you some inspiration or just think of ones yourself. Some cliche ones include weight loss or quitting eating something or quitting a habit but they’re still good ones. It can be whatever you want it to be! But find something to really get your teeth into.


Make plans

Seems like a simple task but use January as a time to make plans for the rest of year whether that is your summer holidays or your next adventure abroad. You don’t necessarily have to buy it right now cause I don’t know about you but I am always skint this time of year! However, having something to look forward to later on in the year will help you from sinking into a cold and wintery depressed state. Me and Rob are planning our trip to Harry Potter Studios and a possible holiday in Summer. Use this time to put away some money for a rainy day or for the bigger, expensive events.



Get Cosy

Even though it is still dark at 9am and its dark by 4pm, which can make it difficult to get motivated making you feel sluggish. It is ok to relish in the sluggishness. Spend your downtime with a book or a good classic movie. Maybe make a stew! I love going to the supermarket and buying all the veggies and coming home to make a big pot of stew. *tip: when you go to the shops go near the end of the day and get all the reduced, yellow label veg, it’s cheaper and because you’re cooking it right away it doesn’t matter! Possibly go for a brisk cold walk, wrap up warm and head out, put your phone away and walk. When you get home you can heat up some stew and snuggle in for the night. If you have a partner use them as a cushion/hot water bottle, that’s what they’re there for right?


Have a clear out

A new year can be a good time to have a clear out of clothes, kitchen stuff and general bits and bobs. Maybe sorting your clothes out, throwing stuff away or giving items to charity which you no longer wear anymore. Tidy up your room, organise bookshelves, makeup and jewellery collections. Make your spring clean a winter clean, get ready for the year with more wardrobe space! You know what they say, clean space clean mind.


Spend time with loved ones



Christmas is always a nice time to see friends and family but sometimes you don’t fit everyone in or maybe it wasn’t long enough, whatever the reason, seeing friends should always be top of the list! Go for coffee or a walk, depending on your budget. Good quality friend time is never a bad thing, surround yourself with positive people and start the year off to a good start.


Treat yourself



Pamper yourself! What better time to pamper yourself then a cold evening in January!

During such cold weather, its nice to deep moisturise your skin which can get dry and dehydrated in the low temperatures. Treating yourself to something new in the January Sales, maybe something you’ve had your eye on but could previously afford. I got myself a pair of pretty satin boots which were reduced below half price! Bargain!





If any of these things help that’s great! But if not, find out what works for you and let me know down below!