Dyed Hair Care Routine

So recently I dyed my hair, nothing crazy just a chocolate brown colour. I’ve been wanting to for ages but just haven’t found the right colour and courage to do it.




I went to Superdrug and found a hair dye kit I liked the look of and gave it to my flatmate to work her magic. I did ask my hairdresser for the correct shades to look at based on my skin tone and hair colour already. I would definitely recommend this if you’re dying your hair yourself with an at-home kit.








My hair has always been a mixture of colours that I just haven’t liked. So this colour was like a blank canvas to make it all one colour. However, dying your hair can cause damage to your hair if you don’t care for it. I have always been complimented by hairdressers about the thickness and quality of my hair and was told to stop dying it because it won’t always stay like this. However, with a good care routine, I think you can get fabulous healthy dyed hair.


The shampoo I have switched to is the John Freida Brilliant Brunette. It keeps the colour looking good and shiny. I also don’t feel like it dries out my hair which I found with other shampoos. It smells good too and not clinical or ammonia smelling which I hate! The shampoo is kind of magic, it locks in colour and moisture which is super important when you’ve died your hair.





I love conditioning my hair and always have. I liked the conditioner that came with the hair dye but obviously, you don’t get a lot. So I really love the Aussie conditioner which I use only on my ends to keep them nice and pretty. However, I do like to use coconut oil on my hair as a hair mask once in a while or Morrocan oil.  I keep these on for an in-depth conditioning treatment. The coconut oil treatment is super nourishing but it is a bitch to get out but soaking my hair in lemon before I wash it out cause it can take a few washes.



A tip that I have found online which was to wash your hair with the coldest water that you can bear. The hot water can dry out the hair whereas the cold water will make your hair look and feel better. I thought this was just a myth but I definitely think it works at creating a shiny head of hair.


A product that I am loving is the Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes. It isn’t drying and doesn’t come out grey but comes out brown like my hair colour. This is great for those days when you need a little more texture to style or if its the day of a hair wash and you need to pop to the shops without looking like a chip pan! This product is also good when the roots start showing of dyed hair. Also, this product is VEGAN!!!






I’m really happy with my hair now and it is part of my appearance change I’m having. Along with my hair, I want to get my old piercings back and also get into shape! It’s part of the thinking about ‘me’ part of my new years’ resolution.