Veganuary 2018

 It’s January guys and what does that mean… Veganuary! Why am I taking part in Veganuary and what is it? *If you know what it is, skip the next paragraph.

Veganuary is an organisation that encourages people to become vegan and live a more plant-based lifestyle. They encourage veganism and many people take part in it for lots of different reasons; for the love of animals, to make themselves feel better or the improvement of their impact on the planet.

I am doing it because I have always wanted to try a vegan diet and have never known when or how to start. When I heard about this month of being Vegan I thought I just had to do it! I am already a vegetarian with a dairy intolerance so I am nearly there but that extra kick was needed. I have been a veggie for over 10 years now and I would never go back to eating meat but I just want to see how far I could go. Being vegan has this added rep of being annoying, high maintenance preachers. I would never try and tell someone how to live their life but I don’t see any harm in telling people of my own experience and them making up their own minds.

I heard about this challenge from Zanna Van Dijk and a few other girls I follow on Instagram who I love. The community is really helping me get through this, with constant motivation, recipes and places to eat coming up on my Instagram feed.

I thought it would be interesting to write a post at the beginning of the month, explaining my predictions, my worries and concerns for the month. Then at the end of the month a recap of this experience.

So the main thing that I am worried about is eating out and how much I will be able to actually eat. Also having a meat-eating boyfriend can make eating out together as a vegetarian difficult anyway let alone vegan. However I have downloaded Happy Cow the app and hopefully, that will help with finding restaurants that can accommodate both of us. I am also a little apprehensive about cooking and food prep, only because I am quite unorganised and often just grab something at work. However, my work only has one vegan sandwich and it looks super gross. So keeping prepared will be key to stay on track for a healthy vegan month.

I am not worried about getting all the nutrients I need as being a vegetarian for this long means I know how to work my diet to be the best for me. I do predict a lot of gas from all those veggies which I am sure my boyfriend will enjoy. However, I am excited to try out some new recipes. My mum has got really into it and tags me in stuff on facebook about plant-based meals which is super cute. Also, Veganuary sends daily emails with tips and tricks for a vegan diet which I love!!!!

Some of my favourite Instagrammers to follow for plant-based inspiration are;

These people also have blogs too so defo check them out!

Can’t wait for what the rest of the month brings Follow me on Instagram to keep track of my time over on my story. You can still sign up it isn’t too late over at

Join the vegan hype guys!

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