Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

So before I begin this is all very cliche for me to be writing. Normally I don’t tend to make resolutions or anything like that because I almost always never stick to them and then it’s just embarrassing. But this year I really wanted to make a conscious effort to make a change in 2018 and I think by setting goals and resolutions will be a great kick up the bum that I most definitely need.

Now last year was a good year. I graduated from Guildford School of Acting from the Foundation course in Acting. In that year of school, I met some incredible people, who I am still friends with today. After finishing the course I moved into my boyfriend’s house, away from my family and got myself a job. this was in the summer, which I did find super hard. Living in a completely new environment, somebody else’s house that wasn’t mine, even though they did make me feel super at home there was still hard days. I tried super hard to stay upbeat and not let things get me down. However, since moving out into my own house I have been able to really analyze my emotions which helps me understand why I feel that way.

I had an amazing birthday this year, leaving the teens and entering my 20s I spent it with the people I love and it was amazSinging!!! I also went on my first holiday with Rob in Berlin which was just incredible.

I’ve had a year of reflection and I’ve done a lot of thinking these last 12 months and I am ready for what 2018 has to come. Over the last month, I have been writing some resolutions in my notes on my phone of things I want to do or get better at this year.

1.This one is a big one but pretty broad. My main focus this year is me! Everything I do needs to be for me. Now that may sound selfish but it is important that we’re happy in this world and we enjoy what we’re doing so if that means making sure I am happy I don’t see anything wrong with it. Obviously, this doesn’t mean cutting people out or forgetting about my loved ones however the people in my life need to positive people who love and care for me like I do for them. I am not about drainers, people in my life can’t just be there to use me or have the ability to drop me. The main focus is to be happy.

2.  Say yes more! I have this fear of doing new things which obviously means I tend not to venture out of my comfort zone. So this year I want to say yes to more experiences no matter how small or big. I feel like I started off well by saying yes to going to a party outside of London for New years with my boyfriend and some of his friends. It did fill me with anxiety but I did it anyway and I am so thankful that I did do that cause I had such a good time!!

3. Save more. I am so bad with money. Honestly, ask anyone I am always in need of a bailout and it makes me so upset that I can’t fund myself all the time. I do have a job but I don’t get paid a lot and my rent is quite expensive. However this year I plan to keep putting money aside for adventures or a rainy day. Me and Rob want to go on holiday this summer and I want to be able to pay for it myself so I am determined to be savvier.

4. Sing more. I used to sing loads in choirs and on my own and I have just got out of the habit which I hate. I barely sing in the shower anymore. So this year I am gonna sing more whether that’s just in the shower or maybe find a local singing choir who knows but singing is so good for the soul and I need that.

5. Set realistic goals for fitness and my health. So I really want to get back to the fitness levels I had at the beginning of last year. But my goals are going to be simple and realistic rather than complex and unreachable goals. My main thing will be portion control and make sure that if I do need a snack that it isn’t pringles haha! I want to become more active than what I am, even though my job is quite physical it isn’t intensive enough, so my aim to run at least once a week to begin with. Then obviously increase through the weeks. Also, I want to incorporate yoga back into my life. I used to do it most days last year and I really miss it. Yoga is so good for you, not just physically but also for mental well being. It is so calming and I love it! Also, I feel like recording my progress will help me stay on track, some things I will inform you guys about but others I will keep to myself.

6. Kick anxiety out the f*cking window! It’s about time I get rid of this once and for all. It controls far too much of my life and that sucks. It relates to no 2, that I can’t do new things because of my anxiety or panic attacks. So I am going to make a conscious effort to get it gone! I have been to the doctors and got some information which I will be using this year. Also, I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power so the more I learn about mental health than the more control I’ll have over it.

7. Blog more! Now I’m not going to talk too much about this because I did do a blog post on it a few weeks ago. So yeah more blogging more content.

8. Stop moaning. Okay hands up, I admit it I moan it’s annoying and unnecessary. Other people have it worse so I just need to appreciate what I have and who I have and get on with it.

9. Show my loved ones I love them more! Obviously, I love my family and friends but sometimes I feel like I take these people for granted. I absolutely adore my boyfriend and this New Years Eve was our year anniversary and I can’t wait to continue through this year. Like many people, I do depend on my boyfriend a lot for little and big things which I could probably do less of. However, I want to show him more that I love him. I say it but whether I show it I don’t it. Again my parents and sister don’t live near me anymore which is hard but they’re only a phone call away and what a great way to show them I love and miss them, then a good old chin wag.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Years Eve and have set your own goals. If you haven’t, have a think and let me know in the comments or message me on Instagram and we can help each other with our resolutions.

I’m super excited to continue this year and I can’t wait for whats to come!

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018



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