What I got for Christmas 2017

Firstly, let me start by saying Merry Christmas and I hope you had a nice day yesterday and are having a relaxing boxing day. Christmas this year felt a little different than previous years. I didn’t arrive at my family home until the 23rd December. Normally I would arrive on the 16th! Also, my dad was working Christmas eve night so was asleep during the morning of Christmas day so we didn’t wake up and run down to open presents. However, even though it was different it was still very enjoyable.

*Just a disclaimer I am not showing of in this blog post by any means and I am very aware how lucky I am to have received such wonderful things from my family and friends.

The main present from my parents was a Google Chromebook which I am currently using to write this post. My old computer is so bad and slow that I find it hard to use it for anything. I am so happy to have got this as I will be going to Uni in September and would really need a new laptop then. If anyone would be interested in me writing a review about the Acer Google Chromebook then let me know and once I’ve worked it all out I would love to write that.



I got the obligatory gifts, Terry’s chocolate orange, selection box, and Maltesers which I have made a good go at already. Of course, new PJs too, would Christmas be Christmas without new PJs. I got a few gift cards for various places which will be nice to spend in the new year. The new Sam Smith album on Vinyl which is something I asked for so was happy to get that!




Something I want to do next year is to focus on my mind and my life and my happiness. Something to help me do that include a new diary which I got which is from Kikki.K which is just beautiful, definitely something to keep me organized and on task. Also from Kikki.K, I got a book on mindfulness, something I have neglected in the last 6 months and found it so beneficial so will definitely be picking that back up as a habit. Also, my mum got me a journal which has come just in time as I’ve just run out of space. Something I enjoyed during therapy was colouring in, so I got a grown-up colouring book and some new pens and pencils.



I also received some lovely presents from my boyfriend. A love heart Pandora necklace which matches my new logo for this blog (coming in the new year), a Pandora charm bracelet. He also got me a Zoella pencil case and pencils which was fitting because of how much I adore Zoella. Also, he got me the Hamilton music scorebook which I can’t wait to have a look through.  Very spoilt!



I had such a nice day full of eating, drinking and good times. I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas day if you celebrate it if not I hope you had a nice Monday. I really enjoyed Christmas day, my favourite moment was singing karaoke with my family, drinking Gin and Vimto whilst stuffing our faces with nuts and crisps. Let me know in the comment what your favourite gift was or your favourite moment of the day.

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