Sisterly Weekend

Last week I had a really nice weekend with my sister in Guildford.

Lucy and I are 3 years apart, Lucy being older. Our mum used to dress us up in the same clothes so that if she lost one of us it would be easy to give a description, ‘I’ve lost a child that looks like this one!’

We’re the mickey mouse kids

Neither I or my sister live at home anymore with my sister living in Uxbridge and me in Guildford. So we thought it would be nice to catch up and do a little Christmas shopping too!

She arrived at about 1 and I walked to the station to pick her up. If anyone knows me and lucy it won’t surprise you to know that the first thing we did was find somewhere to eat! haha! Lucy works for the NHS so we went to Nando’s for that discount.

Once we were fuelled, chicken for Lucy and the new kale burger for me, we headed to the shops to find our parents presents. Guildford have quite a large range of shops so we had plenty of stuff to browse.

We were there for quite a while and Lucy even saw the Christmas lights too. As my number one fan, she’d seen the blog post and then got to see them in real life! Check out the post about the lights I posted last week here.

We then decided to pop to Sainsbury’s and see what we fancied for tea. We settled on a baked camembert, with a crusty baguette. Also, we had houmous with carrot and cucumber and grapes, you know just a casual dinner!

Our walk home felt so festive and when we got home we got straight to eating and watching I’m a Celebrity.

It is so nice to spend some quality time with my sister. We have always been super close and it is hard not to live with her anymore and we’re both so busy. Family, is super important, they are the people who have been there through everything with you and always will be there in the future.


We had a nice Saturday and then Sunday we had a banging Sunday Roast at The Stoke Pub in Guilford!

They do vegetarian roast so I was super happy and obviously we got extra Yorkshire puddings.

Then we chilled out and relaxed obviously chatted about everything and everything from our love lives to people we went to school with.

After being poorly last week it really lifted my spirits and kept me going until the next time I see family which is next week when I go home!!

I documented everything on my Instagram so if you want to see stuff I get up to then follow me on Instagram.


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