My thoughts on running

Running. It’s a bit like marmite I feel like some people love it and bloody wake up at 5am to do it. Whereas there are the other people who physically hate it. I would like to think I am somewhere in between.

I feel like this isn’t a true representation of how I run but it looks nice with the post so there you go.

When I was at school I was apart of the cross country club and loved it, Saturday morning runs, most days after school, running in all weathers. As an early teen, I was very skinny, with super long legs perfect for running. I would compete during the winter season for long distance running, I wasn’t amazing but I did love it. During the summer I would take part in Athletics and do hurdles and jumping events cause I had the long legs. When I hit 14/15 I really struggled with my knees. I injured them a lot from a skiing accident and was told by a doctor that the cartilage was worn away in my right knee joint. This made it quite painful to run for a long time which sucked.

I haven’t really run in a while. Last year I started getting back into it but slowly to avoid damaging my knees. There was a lake on my Uni campus which was good to run around as it was grass which felt softer to run on. However, when I moved to London and then back to Guildford I haven’t really been for a run. I feel like I won’t be able to do it. my stamina is obviously not as good as it was but the thought of having to get back into it is hard. lol. Really that is me just being lazy.

I have tried to use apps to help but I don’t find them very motivating or helpful, to be honest. However, my new year’s resolution which is starting next week is to start running. Even if that is a little bit but I WILL START!

Let me know if you have any running tips or people I should follow for inspiration. I thought by writing this I would be holding myself accountable!!!

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