What Katy Did Next?

This is the start of something new! *Pardon the High School Musical Pun

Moving past that Disney throwback, my meltdown last week has really sparked the turn of a new leaf. I sat and thought about what it is I enjoy, what excites and inspires me? The answer to those questions has always been acting but lately, that hasn’t been the answer that has jumped to mind. Writing has always brought me joy because I love sharing my thoughts with people in whatever way possible.

My new goal is to throw myself into this blog. You may have noticed a cheeky change to the blog already. The name… I never really like using my full name for my blog title and came up with ‘What Katy Did Next’, inspired by the children’s books which I did read as a child. Also my current situation in life, I am not sure what I am going to do next so it feels sort of apt.

Soon there will be a whole new blog makeover! I am taking advantage of my artistic/tech-nerd boyfriend who is going to help me transform this standard blog into something hopefully really special. So watch out!

So the schedule! There will be three blog post a week!


Personal Update


Food or Fitness


Days out/Reviews/Top tips/Travel

This works just nicely into my schedule currently and I hope this works for all you lovelies, but do let me know what time you like reading posts.

I am so excited to really knuckle down and produce content that I enjoy writing and that is well liked by you guys and the future readers.

So here is to the future of this blog and I hope you’re all excited to see what Katy does next!

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