Quick Vegan Salad

I love making a quick lunchtime meal that fills me up and doesn’t take hours to prepare. Salads have always been a problem for me because I never feel as though they fill me up. After some experimenting, this one is a new favourite.


I used packet salad from Sainsbury’s the crispy one. It’s my favourite because I’m probably going to have some of you annoyed by this but I hate rocket. It is too peppery and weird and spiky. So the regular iceberg lettuce is the one for me.


I topped it with cucumber, beetroot, half an avocado, cress, pomegranate seeds, pumpkin seeds, spinach leaves and raw sweet peppers.


I also cooked some quinoa, I cooked it in some vegetable stock to add flavour and let it cool before putting it on the salad. I also had some falafels left over which I just cut in half. I used the Cauldron brand of vegan falafels.

I had this with a cup of tea whilst watching some Youtube videos before getting back to work. It took no time a tall and you could even make the day before and take it to work the next day.

It filled me up to last me until my tea later on.

Tip: What would have made this better would be some roasted pine nuts on top or cashews!!!