My New Home

So I’ve moved house!!


I’ve had the best time moving in, stressful but amazing. I still haven’t fully finished with decorating and adding detail to my rooms. Yes, I said rooms. I have a workspace/guest room and my bedroom. My bedroom is in the basement but still has loads of light because of the door going straight to my room.


We have two kitchens and one living space which are so well finished and beautiful!

So there was one little hiccup… a water leak. Basically, a pipe split in the ceiling above my room and came down my walls and ceiling. The damage wasn’t too bad just needed drying and a lick of paint to make it all pretty again.

I definitely wanted to create a nice workspace but at the minute all I have are my books on my shelf and that’s it.


Also, I want a clean and calm space to sleep and relax in. These two things are super important to me so they are my main goals with this house.



I am living with four other girls in a beautiful house that has been finished to an excellent standard and we’re all so happy to be here. It’s really cool to be living with friends again. It always feels like people are about, normally in high spirits which I think will really help in keeping my own spirits high.

These girls are also going to the theatre arts industry which is super nice to have around to keep me inspired and determined.

Moving house came with lots of emotions. Finally leaving my family home and not going to Uni Halls was quite a large step. My family and boyfriend were here to help me through it and I honestly couldn’t have done it without them! There were a few tears but it all worked out in the end.

I hope you liked the rooms and what I have done with space. Let me know what you like and if you have any suggestions for my room at all!