FitBit Review

For my Birthday I got a FitBit from my parents and I am obsessed!

So I got the Fitbit Charge 2 in black. I wear it constantly. I like the fact you can monitor yourself throughout the day. I like to see how many steps I do and especially when I’m at work walking and standing up constantly.

Something I also love is the fact you can track sleep. What I have learnt from the past two weeks is that I don’t sleep well!!! haha. I mean I do sleep but not for as long as I thought I did. Also, I have quite restless periods of sleep which I have found rather interesting.

I’ve been rather ill lately so haven’t really used the Fitbit for when I have been exercising really. But I did at home glute workout, it tracked my heart rate to see when I hit ‘fat burning’ obviously I was doing cardio so it is slightly different.

I do however walk or cycle to work which is a bit of killer, its up a hill, the whole way! haha. But it counts as one of my 5 active times in a week.




This is what the screen looks like which you can edit to fit whatever it is you want to improve or monitor.

You can track food on this app too, however, I like Myfitnesspal better only because it has a wider selection of UK food brands which I eat.

There is a reminder to drink more so the watch vibrates which I really like because sometimes I completely forget to drink sometimes and when I do drink plenty in a day I always feel amazing.

I’m so happy with this present! I would highly recommend getting one if you’re interested in fitness or need a kickstart into it. It charges super fast so normally whilst I’m in the shower and getting ready I charge it.

I can’t wait to continue using it and use it to reach new goals!