What I Eat In A Day?

I thought it might be interesting to show you guys what I eat in a day. As a vegetarian who is Lactose Intolerant I do find it hard to create interesting well-balanced meals every day but in the past 6 months, I think I’ve kinda cracked it! (if I do say so myself)



So I love porridge and I think it really helps me start the day well and also keeps me full until lunch. Also, this is packed full of fibre so keeps me regular (which is super important, no one wants that bloated stomach).

So yeah I love me some porridge, I chose just plain oats because they don’t have any hidden nasties in them.

I then always put some type of fruit on top, either bananas or blueberries or raspberries or even all of the above or frozen fruit is good too.

I love adding chia seeds to add extra fibre and also I hear they are some sort of super food so what could be wrong with it?


Obviously, I have a cup of tea with my breakfast, Yorkshire Tea bag and Soya Light milk!

As you can see both these photos have a sh*t tonne of peanut butter on top. I love it so much and Pip&Nut is my favourite! I love smothering my breakfast with it, but I promise there is porridge under all those toppings.



Lunch is always different for me, it can massively vary depending on how busy I am, if

I’m at home, work or eating out. I like to have something filling but not a heavy amount of carbs so I often substitute pasta with a vegetable alternative.

Here I used Boodles, Butternut squash noodles, salad and Quorn Vegan Pieces for light quick lunch.




salad and quiche

This particular lunch/dinner (depending on where you’re from haha) is a Higgidy Quiche; roasted pepper, feta and pine nut. I then made a Rainbow salad on the side, made of iceberg lettuce, beetroot, cucumber, pepper, cashew nuts and pomegranate seeds. I also fancied some asparagus tips which I steamed in the microwave. I don’t really like adding dressing on my salads as most dressing can be high in fat and sugars. But this meal was filling and definitely lasted me until my tea later on. According to myfitnesspal this was about 600 calories. I had a very light tea to balance out this.



This is an example of something I would eat out. This is at Bill’s restaurant in Wimbledon. I had the Roasted Aubergine and Lentil Dahl with a flatbread. This was actually a vegan dish and was amazing! I treated myself to a dessert of Strawberry and Basil Cheesecake and it was so scrummy and very naughty.


This is my homemade battered halloumi and chips, click on the photo to go to my blog post where you can see how I made it.

Obviously, sometimes I have normal Teas like Risotto, Pasta, Lasagne, Soup or Pizza.



I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things I eat during a day and maybe it inspired you to try some of them yourself. Let me know anything that you think I should try in the comments or tag me in things on Instagram – @katyelizabeth__f