My Quest for Happiness


I often say I’m happy or I’m happy with something. But am I truly happy? My new goal is to be more proactive in my finding my own happiness.

I have been massively inspired by Zanna Van Dijk and her videos on mindfulness and consciousness. They’ve taken me back to somewhere I once was and reminded me how important looking after the mind is. Her book also made me realise my goals need to be set to reach a point that I’m happy with. With the influence of both the videos and her book and also CleanEatingAlice’s book I am on the quest for Happiness within myself.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean I am not happy with things and people in my life because that is not true, I have an amazing family and boyfriend and his family are great too. But in terms of myself and my future goals and the path I am on I want to be happy with it and currently, I’m not sure I am.

How I plan to bring more happiness into my life;

  • Do more things for me. Whether that’s to go for a walk or run, write a blog post, take a nap, book a holiday! Whatever it is, if I want to do it then I will find a way. Having things that you can do that lift your spirits is really important. Of course, it is nice to do things with others but doing things on your own is needed sometimes too.
  • I plan to do more meditation. I used to do this on a regular basis last year but have massively fallen out of the habit of it. I found that it gave me a moment of peace before the day began or as a way to wind down before bed.
  • I want to be more honest with myself. I want to be okay with the feelings I am having and express them. One of my biggest fears is being a burden on people I love. This means I tend to keep things in or remain quiet about what I am truly feeling.
  • I want to be proactive in what I am doing with my future. I have all the thoughts but the motivation sometimes isn’t there. After reading lots of books and blog post I am starting my quest for happiness and a positive outlook on my future.
  • I plan to find a therapist once I register to a doctor in my new town. I feel like talking out your problems can really help you put your thoughts into perspective. I found them really helpful a few years ago when I spoke to someone during my school period. I definitely think I would benefit from speaking to someone again, discussing anxiety and feeling down or just someone to chat to without feeling like a burden.
book cover
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I want to be super specific about the goals that I make. I think that has been my problem in the past. Making vague and unrealistic goals isn’t beneficial to making progress. I’ve learnt lots from Zanna’s book in terms of fitness goals. However Sarah Knights book ‘Get your sh*t together’ has given me a kick up the arse to make proper plans and goals. I plan to do a full book review of this when I have finished it. But it’s taught me simple ways the set realistic goals and steps to achieve those goals in small manageable chunks rather than not setting large and unrealistic goals.

She says its the book for learning ‘How to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do’. If this sounds like you need this in your life I would highly recommend!!

I also plan to blog more because when I do it I love it but it is just getting started. If any fellow bloggers have any tips for writing motivation give me shout!