Super Easy Battered Halloumi

Me and my boyfriend are obsessed with halloumi, like ridiculously obsessed! We have it at any possible moment.

We went to a pub in Sandiway, Cheshire called the Blue Cap. Check it out if you’re local and they do an amazing battered halloumi and chips. We loved it so much I experimented with different recipes to make the best one to share with you.

I found that this was plenty to cover all the halloumi but make more or less depending. Me and my boyfriend had four each! We classed as a huge cheat meal 🙂

We used a medium-sized pan and heated some oil to point that when I dropped a bit of batter in, it floated and started to cook. When mixing the batter you want it to have the consistency of wallpaper paste, so don’t be scared if it’s kind of runny. I used soya milk and it didn’t have an impact on the mixture or taste so don’t worry.

Coat the slices in the batter, we bought already bought halloumi cause we’re lazy but you can make them as thick or thin as you want. A lot of posts I saw said to leave for 10-15 mins but mine didn’t need that long any time I did it, so just keep them in and turn them over until they are golden brown and look so scrummy you’ll find it hard to wait until they are cooler.

I put them on a bit of kitchen roll after cooking to get rid of excess oil and serve with some chips or a salad or whatever you feel like.

Batter Hallloumi
Save this photo on your phone and then you can easily find it when you’re in the mood for some cheesy yumminess.

Enjoy! Send me messages if you try it at home!