Overcoming fears

Over the last few years I have created lots of fears in my head that cause me to be unnecessarily anxious. Little things like trains, cars, parties, supermarkets, noise and people. The trains issue I have been forced to overcome, with travelling from London back up to home everyone once in a while but now commuting from Wimbledon to Guildford everyday for work. I’ve come to realise that I was the one implanting those feelings and fears, there was no real reason.

The major thing I am overcoming is new things. New things could be anything from a new meal in a restaurant to a new house. I’ve just started my new job this week. Something that I’m finding quite fun to be honest. Yes it is hard not because of what I have to do but more the travel and the newness (if that’s a word) of the job. It’s a lot of new faces, new things and places which sends my anxiety scale off the charts but I’d like to congratulate myself on how well I’ve dealt with it! (Pats myself on the back).

It’s a big deal overcoming stuff and can be super exhausting! I can tell you, I am absolutely shattered and I haven’t even finished my first week!

But it’s given me a little spurt of confidence to keep pushing through.

I want you to do the same. Push through that fear that is probably so unnecessary! Trust me! You will benefit from it, whether that’s that you meet new people, see new places or find a skill you didn’t know you had. It will all be worth it.

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