Setting Goals

This past week has been hard both mentally and physically. I planned to start a proper fitness schedule. However, I took part in a Stage Combat Course this week which has basically been n all day workout and I haven’t had the energy to workout separately.

But I think my mental block has been due to not setting goals. I have recently read Strong by Zanna Van Dijk.

It really opened my eyes to setting goals and how that can help progression. Also the importance of setting realistic goals. I think my main issue was setting goals that were way too unrealistic and very non-specific. I mean was I honestly going to be able to run a marathon this year!!!

My goals for the next year are;

  • To get onto a three-year course at a Drama School
  • Become fully Vegan
  • Feel happier in myself
  • Not get angry as easily
  • Still be with my amazing boyfriend
  • Work out 3-4 times a week
  • Do Yoga at least once a week
  • One workout must be a run (start with intervals and progress)
  • Inspired by Zanna – start lifting weights

I really hope setting some clear goals and to put them out there making myself more liable – giving myself more of a reason to get them done!

I will definitely keep you updated on how I am doing.

Comment any of your goals down below 🙂