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At the end of June I went on a lovely holiday with my two friends. When looking for a holiday we didn’t want the typical ‘girls holiday’ where we would go out every night and sleep all day. We wanted a bit of culture and still be able to go out at night as well. Croatia suddenly became the place to go!

We went to Split, Croatia and stayed in an apartment we found on AirBnB – I would highly recommend doing this because we ended up not spending a lot of money on accommodation giving us more money to spend whilst we were there. Our apartment was situated in the old town of Split which was so beautiful, away from most of the tourists but close to everything!!!


We went for a week and wanted to pack as much in as possible, my favourite thing we did was White Water Rafting!! If you are ever in Croatia and fancy doing something adventurous use Pirate Rafting – they were amazing and took us to places the larger companies don’t take you. The trip was run by a couple, Heinke was from Germany and had met her boyfriend Neno who is from Croatia when they were both travelling in New Zealand. They were the most inspirational people that I had ever met, I really enjoyed their outlook on life and how the treated others. They both spoken amazing English so there was no problem in that respect and Neno was able to tell us so much about the environment we were in and other things to do in Croatia.


The food in Croatia was the only thing I was worried about, being a very fussy eater and a vegetarian. However I was so surprised to find that there was so much choice for me in all restaurants. My two friends are not vegetarians and they really enjoyed the variety of fish dishes available. My favourite dishes were, Risotto with grilled vegetables, Gnocchi with four cheeses, they also did amazing pizza!! The food as well was so cheap but you got so much in one portion. We could go out and get a start and main with a drink for under the equivalent of £10! We also tried to eat as many different places each day and we desperately stayed away from the more anglicised restaurants which served burgers and chips.


There are so many things to do and different companies doing them but we found by talking to other tourists that we met you find the ones that are really special. We found a really lovely day out on a Catamaran where we went round lots of places with a free bar on the boat all day!

Overall it was a lovely holiday that I will never forget 🙂


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