Looking forward. 

So I saw Busted last night! I went to see them 12 years ago as my first concert. They unfortunately split up after that. However I have still listening to them, great for a good nostalgic road trip with my sister!

Last night was a really evening, not just because I got to spend an evening with my sister. But it took me back to a time where I could just have fun. I’ve been feeling to ‘adult’ lately. Turning 18 means that people expect me to act and think like an adult. But it doesn’t happen overnight!

The pressure of A-Levels and the planning the rest of my life has recently all become a bit much. People around me are sure of what they are doing next year, University, Drama School or a job. Me, I don’t know yet. AND THAT IS OK! It has taken me a while to realise this but now I have I’m starting to feel myself again.

Last night helped me remember childhood/teenage memories that had got lost in my mind, shadowed by all this stress and anxiety.

I’m writing this on the train home from Birmingham. (It’s being my distraction as trains and me don’t really go very well together.) But here is where I have realised I don’t have long left with all my friends around me. So I’m going to make the most of it. Hopefully getting some new amazing memories that I can look back on in 12 years.