De-Stress Workout

This week has been rather stressful for several reasons, I didn’t even realise that I was stressed until Friday afternoon where I just cried!

Well I felt much better after that cathartic cry!

However today I thought would do a new workout to make me feel a little calmer.

The workout focuses on a cardio routine, thighs and bum and core.

Cardio Routine;

  • 60seconds of skipping
  • 90seconds of jumping jacks
  • 30seconds of high knees (no slacking)
  • Repeat 3 and then
  • 20seconds forward legs swings on each leg
  • 20seconds arm swings on each arm

Thigh & bums;

40 seconds intensive and 20 seconds high knees between each activity

  • Sadle bag shifter squat
  • Ballerina Plie Jump
  • Touch down squat
  • Three point cirles
  • Calorie Burner Squat

Sadle bag shift squats

Slightly squat with legs at hips space appart, raise each leg directly to the side and bring bag down

Ballerina Plie Jump

Legs in a plie position, three bouncing/pulsing squats, jump legs in together and back again

Touch down squat 

Place a target on the floor, maybe a book, squat and reach down to touch the target. Make sure your knees don’t go over feet – stick that bum out!

Three point circles

Slightly bend one leg, using the other to touch a point in front, to the side and behind – over exaggerating each movement

Calorie Burner Squat

Regular squat, bounces twice and jump up high and back down – repeat

End with a 30second set of high knees to finish off

Next up…

Standing Ab Workout

  • 30 seconds stranding leg kicks
  • 20 seconds on each leg and alternate – Elbow to Knee
  • 30 seconds standing leg kicks
  • 30 seconds alternating side bends
  • 30 seconds bow and arrow left and right
  • 30 seconds ab sweep left and right

I really enjoyed this routine, this is definitely a weekend workout as it took a little longer than a week night workout – this one would take half an hour with rests between each activity slot. I then did a quick arm routine. If you want to know my arm workout let me know.